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Ad infinitum
I seem to be finally getting things back to normal... so expect new comics to start going up on Wednesday the 20th. Let's all breathe a sigh of relief and hope to GOD that my Windows doesn't explode again any time soon.
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My Windows crashed Monday morning. We reinstalled in Tuesday night, and now it is Wednesday morning. I have rudimentary abilities (I can check e-mail and surf the Web, but have no access to my old e-mails, my bookmarks, etc.) but no way to up-date the comic.

I'll have to reinstall EVERYTHING I use to work on "Et-cetera" and get it up-loaded... which could take a day or two. The comics are drawn, I just have no way of getting them up on the Web site.

So, I apologize, but the situation is out of my hands. I have school and work to contend with during the day, leaving me the evenings to attempt to do some work on my computer... I'm trying to fix it as fast as I can, but for now, we are all S.O.L.
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Since it appears Keenspace may be down for awhile, I've put tomorrow's comic up on my Web site.


I don't know how long Keenspace is going to be down, but if it lasts longer than a day, keep an eye on this LJ to get your daily dose of "Et-cetera."

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Hey, once again, it's Keen's fault, not mine. 3-15-05 comic below.

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It seems as if Keenspace is broken.... again.

Hey, don't look at ME... I had the comic drawn like, daaaaaaaaaaaays ago.


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Keenspace appears to be down... again... so here's your comic for today.


Enjoy! Hopefully Keen will be up and running soon.
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Okay... feeling much better now. To give you an idea of what I was going through, my Systemic Lupus (look it up... do a google.com search for it) was flaring up. So my rheumatologist put me on oral steroids to calm it down. A pulse treatment of steroids (a treatment that last about seven days) can often be quite helpful.

Well, I have a very sensitive stomach. So, I ended up tearing the inside of my tummy to a bloody mess. And while it was in that weakened state, I got a virus in there.

So I had a flare, a torn tummy, and a flu virus. All at one time. I'm amazed I kept drawing, but there are few things Phenergan can't make better.

Anyway, I got an injection of a different steroid (in my ASS) this past Monday, and that calmed the flare down. Time healed my tummy, and now I'm doing one-on-one battle with the virus. True, I feel kinda ookey, but compared with how I was feeling before, I'm diamonds.

Now you know why the last week or so of comics were slightly less than stellar. And for those of you thinking that they're NEVER stellar.... *bird*

Anyway... enjoy the comics. I'm gonna go lay down and curl up with my puppy.
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I've written a fic. I can't really say "fanfic," since I write and draw the damn comic... but I have written an "Et-cetera" fic.

Let me warn you, though... if you aren't hep to the idea of male/male slashiness, then you won't want to read this.

Anyway... Mavian, Ian, notes for communicable mammalian diseases and one liberally lobbed champagne bucket. For those interested in it, here is a link to the .doc file.

Please note, I am not big on the groping and fucking. I prefer subtlety... as is evidenced in the one piece of fanfiction I've ever written, a Labyrinth fanfic I called "The Day After."

Anyway, enjoy.
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Whoever went searching for drawing and came up with "Et-cetera," I am so sorry. ^_^;

I was truly amused to glance through the search strings that brought people to my comic and find this gem: "how to draw people on a P.C."

I can only assume it took my name (P.Chuu) and made it P.C.huu or something equally ridiculous. I feel bad for the person who was trying to find information on digital art and instead got lesbians, rich Italians and an angry little goth-ish girl with tits too big for her frame.

I love search strings. ^_^
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Sorry about the comic getting up late today... unfortunately, last night, I got so excited about getting the comic done early for once that I forgot to upload it onto the Keenspace server. In other words, I should be summarily mocked at for forgetting.

In other news, due to a request, I have made all the CafePress shirts available to both male and female fans. Enjoy!
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I had guilt for not writing anything in the "Et-cetera" LiveJournal for awhile, so I thought I'd go ahead and up-date everyone on the goings on in my life lately (since I'm sure none of you give a shit, but I still feel bad for not up-dating).

1) I had to get a cavity filled yesterday (I have SLE which makes my teeth more brittle and more prone to cavities) and this means that I am extra grumpy today due to the fact that the dentist jabbed me repeatedly with a fifty foot needle... then drilled me... rarh. Basically, the lower left side of my jaw is just about ready to take off and say "To hell with you!"

2) I have switched my six pound Chihuahua Mia to a raw/BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet, because I honestly do believe feeding raw food to a carnivore with omnivorous tendencies has GOT to be better than feeding processed kibble or canned slop. Also, I loves me my dog and support the idea of her being as happy as possible.

3) Got my Rachel Farris CD "Soak" the other day and have been enjoying it immensely. Gotta say that, so far, "Wild" and "Beautiful" has completely captured me. Since I bought the CD for "Beautiful," that was to be expected. "Soak," "I Should Go," "So Good" and "It's All You" are also slowly working their way into my loved songs roster.

4) My jaw is still hurting, goddamnit. And I have to get another cavity done Friday. Let's all join in a great big round of "GODDAMN SLE!"

5) I am also getting the second half of my Hep A and B vaccinations Friday... these are to insure I will be safe when I take my trip to Cancun (which I won in a drawing... it is cool, but I would rather go to Hawai'i or Vegas).

6) Meg's mom is a bitch. And she's drunk. Ain't she adorable?

That's all. I have less guilt now. I'll try to up-date a little more consistently. x_x
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Basically... I opened the store because of massive poorness. I am hoping that the fans will like the stuff at the store enough to suggest their friends check it out, and their friends will suggest their friends check it out, and et-cetera and so forth and so on.

I work at the newspaper at my college. Since the college puts out paychecks once a month, that means I have to stretch my $500 monthly paycheck out until it's thin enough to snap. I am Work Study, so I have been getting paid on the 10th of every month. Last month, my Work Study funds ran out, so I was switched to Part Time/Hourly. I still get paid the same amount, but now I get paid on the 30th. And thanks to no one telling me this, that means that last month I got paid on the 10th but this month I am not getting paid until the 30th. That means almost two months between one paycheck and the next. And that means that I fucked up, bought some stuff I needed (like food and soap to use in the shower so i would not smell piglike) and overdrafted my account. I spent $20 more than I had, so the bank slapped me with a $30 charge. So now I owe $50 to my bank (kill slaughter murder hurt) and am kinda crazed for money. Thus, I open the store in the hopes that I will make enough money to pay my fee before the bank slaps a "didn't pay us soon enough to please us" fee on top of the other fee. 'Cuz then I'll go on a wild bludgeoning rampage at the bank, get stuck in jail, and "Et-cetera" will cease to up-date. It's a bad thing.

So, please check out the store and, if you have some extra cash, buy stuff. PLEASE.
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I have been seriously considering doing "Et-cetera" in color every day. I already do the weekday comics in color and then just greyscale them... this way, I'd just avoid the greyscaling step. But I'd like to run it by you, the readers, and see what y'all think of it. So, poll time!

Should "Et-cetera" go to color every day?

No, I like just having color Sundays
Yes, I'd love to have it every day!
Maybe... try it for a week and poll us again next Friday.
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It's been a little while since I up-dated this, so I thought I'd tell you a little about the Cézanne family, 'cuz I know people are wondering... do Megara and her mother speak with a French accent?

Genevieve (pronounce it JUH-nuh-veev) does, in fact, have an accent. She was born in France and grew up there. She only moved to the United States after meeting Henri (pronounce it on-REE) Cézanne (pronounce it say-ZAHN), and she did that only grudgingly--Gen was a French woman and wanted to stay in her homeland.

Henri and Gen lived in America for only two years before Megara was born (named for the doomed wife of Heracles in the Greek myth). Meg grew up in the United States and has only visited France five or six times in her life. Because of this, she has almost no noticable accent, although she can speak fluent French, the same as her parents.

And now you know.
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Since Keen is broken, here's your comic for today.
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